Reuter – Fond SuperCleanoxReuter – SuperCleanox Übersicht

Power for the Industry

The SuperCleanox family:

The Top Performer
with peak currents
up to 400A!

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Reuter – SuperCleanox Übersicht
Reuter – Cleanox

Flexibility for Workshop & Assembly

The Cleanox series:

Compact & light,
reliable & powerful:
pulse currents of
up to 140 A
weight only 15 kgs

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Reuter – Cleanox
Reuter – AkkuCleanox

Fully portable Power for ≥ 90 min.

The AkkuCleanox

The first
weld cleaner
in the world

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Reuter – Set AkkuCleanoxReuter – Stern neu
Reuter – Signox II

Marking for Eternity

The Signox series:

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Reuter – Signox IIhell signieren & dunkel signieren: dauerhaft, fälschungssicher, kostengünstigReuter – AkkuSignox


Cleaning, Polishing, Marking

Clean metal surfaces and welding seams electrochemically using high-current electric arcs.
Passivate the surfaces in the same step.
Instead of poisonous chemicals: Use electrolytes which are known as food additives.
It is our newly developed carbon fibre brush in combination with high-power device technology,
that has made this intelligent electrochemical method suitable for industrial applications.

Out now: Our new General Catalogue!

Everything you need for
Electrochemical Cleaning, Printing, Marking
– devices, accessories, consumables –
clearly shown on 28 pages.